Body Work

Massage (60, 90, 100 Minute)

Enjoy a full body relaxation massage or focus on areas that are tight or where there is pain. Massages are available in 60, 90 and 100 minute increments. 





Cups are placed on areas of the body and the air is squeezed out to create suction. This lifts up the skin, muscle, and fascia. Cupping helps with inflammation, illness, joint pain, stiff muscles, blood flow, and has other benefits as well. Sometimes cupping can leave marks, but they are only temporary. These cups can be placed on most parts of the body. Legs, arms, hips, back, and stomach. Cupping can be done by itself or with other services.



Hot Stone Add-On

Tis the season for warmth! A relaxing full body massage with warm basalt stones. Unlike traditional hot stone massages, these stones are heated in a special case, so there is no risk of bacteria from the stones soaking in water. Add these onto any massage (except Lomi Lomi)

Lomi Lomi Massage (80 Minute)

In Hawaiian Lomi Lomi means massage. It's an indigenous medicinal healing practice with roots that stretch from Polynesia to Hawaii. The massage is given in fluid and rhythmic motion using the forearms and the hands. Working gently and deeply into the muscles with long continuous flowing strokes. Lomi Lomi has been described as feeling like gentle waves rhythmically moving over the entire body.


This knowledge of Lomi Lomi was passed down to me through my Kumu (teacher) from 5 lineages of native Hawaiian healers. It's my honor to be able to provide this beautiful, healing massage and be an ambassador of Aloha to my clients.


Lomi Lomi begins with a Hawaiian chant and intentions set by the client. The entire body will be massaged starting with the back, then, glutes, legs, feet, stomach, arms, hands, neck, and head. If you are looking for a healing, spiritual, yet physical massage, this is the massage for you.


*if you are allergic to coconut oil, I can provide an alternate